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Junior Day Baseball - Boston Regional
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Refunds and Camp Credits

Can I get a refund?
Refund possibilities are described in detail here:

I need to cancel after the refund deadline, what are my options?
Since you are cancelling after the refund deadline you can request a camp credit for a future event in another location or in the same location when it is offered again.

What are my options to apply my camp credit?
Your options when applying a camp credit can include using it for an event at another upcoming location as well as the same location when it is offered again. You may also transfer the credit to a family member, when applicable, or another friend or teammate who may want to attend. If you want to transfer your camp credit, please reach out to us at

Registration Related

How can I register for the event?
All participants must register online to attend the event. The registration button is located directly on the event page. Receiving an invitation does not reserve your spot. All players must complete the registration fields and pay registration fee when applicable.

Is there a list I can be put on for future events?
On the event page, you will notice a prospect questionnaire. By completing this prospect questionnaire, you will be notified of future events taking place in your area.

What is the youngest age that can attend?
The event is designed for current high school student-athletes in the graduating classes of 2021-2023.

Can I send a check?
Generally we do not accept checks for registration, however if extenuating circumstances require the use of a check please reach out to If you are an organization sponsoring a player, or group of players, and need to write a check, please be sure to note that in your email to our customer service representative.

Can I make payments instead of paying all at once?
No. Camp tuition must be paid in full.

Do you take walk-ups?
Registering at least 48 hours ahead of time is highly recommended. However, walk up registrations can be accepted if space is still available for the event. We recommend reaching out to to ensure space is still available.

Can I get a discount or scholarship?
This event will follow all NCAA rules. Therefore, discounts and scholarships are not available. You can see our compliance statement here:

Can I add a session after I have already registered for the event?
Yes. Please reach out to If you would like to add a session the day of the event, please go to the check in table and inquire about how to adjust your current registration.

Event and Session Related

What do we need to bring/wear?
Wear normal baseball attire and bring equipment that you would wear to a normal baseball practice, including baseball pants.

What shoes do I wear?
Most events will permit you to wear metal cleats. In some instances where the event is being held at a partial or all turf field, the host may require that all players be in molded cleats. In those instances, we will communicate that information to you. You are also recommended to have regular athletic shoes/turfs as well.

Are parents required to attend?
Parents or guardians are not required to attend. You are welcome to stay and observe the event, we only ask that you stay in designated seating areas and remain clear of on-going instruction happening on the field of play.

Are there additional forms or paperwork needed at check in?
No. All player information, waivers and forms were completed during the registration process. What coaches are attending? The current list of schools attending and instructing at the event can be found on the event page. All programs listed on our website have confirmed with us in writing that they will attend.

Will the coaches actually be there?
Yes. All of our coaches have confirmed with us, in writing, that they will attend. Should their schedules change we will attempt to replace them with a coach from the same program. If a program cancels their attendance, we will remove their program from the event.

What time do we need to be there?
You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your event or session. The most up to date schedule can be found at: Once there, you will need to click on the event that you have registered for to see the schedule.

How do I get stats?
Metrics that are measured at the event will be collected from the coaches and sent to you via email following the event. Players are also encouraged to talk with the college coaches at the event to get immediate feedback and instruction.

How do you handle inclement weather?
We closely monitor the weather leading up to the event as well as the day of the event. Should there be any weather related changes to the schedule, we will inform you via email, text message and on the event website. If you do not receive notifications of schedule changes from us then it is safe to assume that the schedule is unchanged.

Is this camp NCAA compliant?
Yes. You can find our compliance statement here:

How many coaches will be there?
The number of coaches will vary from event to event based on format, facility, and other needs. However, each session will not exceed an 8:1 player-to-coach ratio relative to camp enrollment.

Do you have team discounts?
Yes. If you are interested in a team discount, please reach out to our Customer Service team at Can we take pictures and video? Yes. You are welcomed to take pictures and videos at anytime as long as it does not interfere with the coaches and players. For safety reasons we also ask that you do not put yourself in the way of active players, hit or thrown balls or any other objects that may endanger you or the participants.


Where is the camp located?
A Google map location for the event is located at the bottom of the event’s direct page. Please go to and find your specific event. There, you will find the address and map.

Is lunch provided?
No. Lunch is not provided. We recommend all attendees make arrangements for lunch prior to the event. If we are aware of concessions on site, we will relay that information.

Can you recommend a hotel?
Yes. We often have partnerships with local hotels. We will send an email to all participants with the host hotel. We will also add the hotel information to the specific camp’s website. Staying at the host hotel is not required. It is a service we provide for the convenience of the families participating in our event.

Where do I park?
All registrants for the event will be provided more detailed information leading up to the event. We always recommend attendees obey all posted parking restrictions and signage while on site. We are not liable for theft, damage, or parking violations to personal vehicles while on site.

Will you supply water, drinks?
While water is often available for events, we highly encourage each registered player to bring their own water and/or sports drinks.

Can you let me know of any other details?
After reviewing the FAQ page, if you have a specific question not covered, please direct an email to customer service at